• Tiptop Inspirational Quotes


    1.   We cannot control all that happens in our lives, but our greatest power is that        we can control how we respond.

    2.   Having unrealistic expectations makes us very unhappy. We can find joy                though, when we let go and truly appreciate the life and what we have now.

    3.   We are inherently imperfect.  If we wait for the perfect moment to do what we        want, or share our ideas and talents to the world, we will never hear from              you.  So start where your are now.

    4.  We spend too much time worrying and arguing.  We ought to choose our               battles, oftentimes peace is better than being right.

         Taking action can change the outcome of  our circumstances. 

    5.  We learn our best lessons from having the worst experience sometimes.               Without those experiences though, we could not have learnt those lessons           any other way.

    6.  Success can get to our heads and failure can break our hearts. Our character       is built when we are humble while on top of the world and be steadfast in the         valleys.  Its in these moments of highs and lows when our character is built.

    7.  Staying busy, is not the same as being productive.  What we focus on grows,       so pay attention to what really matters, and let go of what is not that                       important.

    8.  When we mismanage our money, it creates financial and emotional                       problems.  When we earn it, save it and invest it, money works better for us.         When we buy things we don't need, with money we don't have, to impress             others we don't know, then money ends up managing us.

    9.  We are always making ourselves unhappy by chasing after something more,         when we need less to be happy.  Life gets simpler when we clear the clutter,         mentally and physically.

    10.  Its a sad reality but the increase in the use of gadgets and technology is               dehumanizing us. We need to learn how to be confident in making eye                   contact, smile more often at one another, listen to other people's stories and         avoid hiding behind our gadgets.