Garlic Cuber And Peeler Press

Garlic Cuber And Peeler Press

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Item Description:



· MaterialABS stainless steel



· Size17.5*7.3*4.9 cm  



· Colorgreen



· Item TypeGarlic Cuber



· Quantity1



· Weight160g



· BrandComzendle



· Features



· No Knife Or Cutting Board Required , Mince Directly Into Pan Or Over FoodEasy to clean , Sliding Part Removes



· Any Leftover Peels with a built-in cleaner , dishwasher Safe.




How To Use:



· Unlock to use , Relock for Storage.



· Squeeze green tabs , Pull cartridge out fro main body.



· Fill cartridge with fresh peeled whole garlic cloves, DO NOT EXCEED MAX FILL LINE.



· Slide cartridge back into place until you hear a CLICK



· Squeeze firmly to advance the garlic , continue squeezing until all garlic is minced .





Package Included:



· 1x  Garlic Cuber